We have been operating in Dubai UAE for over 15 years, providing strength and stability for individual expats, businesses and trustees through comprehensive one-to-one international financial planning. The services and products we offer are specially designed with consideration for your specific circumstances and requirements.

How we can help you

Recognising what could happen to your family if you die too soon or become disabled is essential. That will undoubtedly encourage you to seek protection for your life and finances. We can navigate you through the options available and assist in putting in place the most effective life, critical illness, disability, mortgage or business insurance that will safeguard your loved ones in case the worst happens.

Secure your Future investing in offshore portfolio bonds designed in line with your risk tolerance.

You’ve worked hard to secure your hard-earned savings. Now make your money work for you. Apart from emergency funds, savings in the bank are a bad choice. They earn little-to-no interest and do not even match inflation. With the right expert and informed advice, you can grow your capital far more effectively for your future and that of your loved ones.

  • Design your own offshore investment portfolio bond.
  • Protect yourself against risk.

Gift of Education, the greatest investment you can ever make.

Funding your child’s education – from the time they enter school at foundation age to completing university – can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s per child. With two children, your costs are automatically doubled… and so forth. The older your children get, the more the cost of their education increases. The costs of university education in particular have grown massively. You have 216 monthly instalments you can make leading up to when your child reaches 18. So, act now and reduce the amount you will have to save.

Maintaining the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

We so often look forward to the day we can enjoy the benefits of retirement. The freedom to take a holiday when and where we choose. To buy a new car. To live in the comfort we need. To give our children the start they need for their own financial security.

But in reality, many people don’t start planning for their retirement until into their 50s, when it will be far harder to reach their retirement goals than planning far earlier in life.

Conduct a retirement review now

Even if your retirement at this moment seems far away, the time to start planning for it is now. We conduct a full retirement review with you to assess your aims, needs and any current pension policies you may have. We help you leading up to your retirement in building up the income you will comfortably need to achieve your goals and provide your future security.

Keep on track

  • Understand how your pensions work and receive regular annual statements so you can track your investment performance.
  • Know the retirement income you can expect, factoring in inflation rates, and the tax implications depending on where you live.
  • Have the option to provide protection for your family and understand who will benefit and by how much when you die.
  • ​Understand any inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities you may have

UK Pension Transfers – SIPP & QROPS

As people live longer into our later years and the UK government moves towards state pension ‘means-testing’, how prepared are you to ensure you are financially secure into your retirement – independent of what you may or may not receive from the state? The time is now to ensure you have the security you need.

What is your current situation?

If you have an existing UK pension plan, we will help you find the most effective way to use it to your advantage? How old is your existing plan? How does it currently work? What flexibility does it give you when you retire? What death benefits will your family receive? Let our specialists ask you the right questions and help with your UK pension transfer.

Which overseas pension scheme suits you the best?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Our UK pension transfer specialists will help you decide whether to opt for a ‘SIPP’ UK-based pension plan, or ‘QROPS’ international plan. Which one you decide on will depend completely on your personal circumstances and future aims.

Would you like to choose when and where to take your next holiday?

The gifts you’d like to give your kids on their next birthday? The next car you want to buy? That retirement or holiday home you have always dreamt about? Then set up a savings plan to give you the financial security you need.

How much will it cost you to do any of the things on your priority list? Do you already have a lump sum you can invest to give yourself a head start, or does a monthly plan suit you better?

Choose the budget you can comfortably set aside on a regular basis. But the best time to start is now.

Is your business protection watertight?

We all hope it doesn’t, but the unexpected happens all the time. The loss of a business partner or a key person; a recalled bank loan; the sudden change in a shareholding. How prepared is your business for an unanticipated development that turns the stability of your company upside down?

Are you vulnerable to uncertainty?

Have you protected yourself against all eventualities? If the worst-case scenario does arise, you can make sure that you, your family members and the stakeholders in your business are ready. It is more straightforward than you may think.

Can you conduct business as usual?

Business protection insurance planning is all about ensuring that no matter what unexpected scenarios arise, your company has the measures in place to remain operational – and open for business.

Working in Partnership With You

At Alpha, we commit to conducting a comprehensive personal financial review for every client which provides us with the essential information to design a personalised financial plan from cradle to grave. Traditionally, our approach to investments is to protect against any downside risk.

We maintain a strong balance between opportunity and risk, with the constant aim of enhancing the risk-adjusted performance of our client’s assets or investments.

Alpha partners with the leading global financial institutions, known throughout the industry for their best-in-class experience, first-rate market knowledge and outstanding performance track records.

Guides & Insights

Clients Reviews


Gavin is a great advisor

Gavin is a great advisor and his follow up and checks are great for us to keep on track.

Saadi Alkouatli

Great personalized service

I had the privilege of working with Gavin to get my stuff up and running. Gavin did a thorough job and met me where I am. At no point did I feel like I was just being used to push sales figures. Instead, Gavin reviewed my family’s situation and came up with something that suits our needs.

Jaco van Wyk

We truly value Julian’s knowledge

We truly value Julian’s knowledge and advice and appreciate him checking in and meeting with us regularly. Also explaining things in a way we understand, putting us in a position to make informed decisions that fits our goal.

Chene Esterhuizen

Julian Stanley

I knew Julian since he was working with Hollborn and we developed a transparent and trustworthy relationship, despite some disagreements that happened with Julian’s previous employer, I can only say that he’s a very knowledgeable consultant and someone that I can rely on.


Outstanding Agent

My agent Gavin is very supportive and always drive the conversation in a structured way. Based on his suggestion and recommendations my portfolio is just doing great!

Adbo Ghaoui

Great long term relationship with Barry and Alpha Omega

I work with Barry Goertz since 2015. After 7 years, I can only say positive about Barry. The investment return of my portfolio has been outstanding during these years (often above 10% per annum). Additionally, Barry follows greatly his clients through regular updates and also intervenes in case any issue would arise with any partner. Barry though Alpha Omega come highly recommended.

Thomas Keller

Best interest at heart

Julian really takes your best interest at heart by providing solutions pro-actively and for the better. I appreciate his approach.

Loret Wessels

Barry is a very professional person

Barry is a very professional person that has the clients interests at the forefront. He is always helpful and has given the best advice over and above any other financial advisor that I have dealt with. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for sound financial advice.

Jeffrey De Souza

Performance of Barry Goertz

Barry Goertz has been my Financial Advisor for the past 7 years now. During this time, he has done a fabulous job of managing my portfolio, and ensuring that it continues to grow in line with my risk profile. He communicates very well and keeps in constant touch. He is well versed with the latest changes taking place in the financial markets so that I get the most up to date advice. Very happy with the overall experience and would recommend Barry and your organization to any of my friends and colleagues!


The best part of my relationship with Alpha Omega is my advisor

The best part of my relationship with Alpha Omega is my advisor, Barry Goertz. He has been exceptional in his support and in managing my account. During our regular catch up meeting he explains the market dynamics clearly and sets out the positives and negatives quiet clearly. This certainly helps me to not only understand my investments but also to actively participate in their management. I would like to take this medium to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation of the support and cooperation from Barry.


I have had numerous positive experiences

I have had numerous positive experiences. The services that I have received over the last few years have been highly professional. This refers to both AOP as a Company, but more specifically to Mr Andrew Blatherwick, who has been my main contact.

1). I receive prompt replies to requests for updates, questions or concerns.

2). The communication (written or face to face) is clear, transparent and easy to comprehend.

3). Mr Andrew Blatherwick has produced some very good results with my investments, against a back drop of global uncertainties, including the pandemic.

4). The less tangible or measurable feedback is that AOP in general and Mr Andrew Blatherwick more specifically create an office environment which is professional, supportive, relaxed and friendly. These are qualities which I value particularly highly in the field of investments.

Barry Evans

Attention to Detail

Barry pays attention to a client’s personal life and that allows him to give sound financial advice that is tailored for each client’s needs. It sure feels like a Bespoke Suit

Ronald Muzambe

Great and trustworthy

Julian has been giving great and trustworthy advise and is helping in investing my hard earned money successfully.

Hendri du Toit Hendt

Very happy with the service

I’m very happy with the service received from Andrew Blatherwick. He manages my money like it is his own, which is always a good sign, and uses exactly the same investments that he uses for his own money. All totally transparent, with none of the hidden fees, commissions etc which are typical in Dubai. I would definitely recommend Andrew and AOP to any clients looking for a good, honest adviser that delivers results.

Simon Smith

I trust my contact at AOP

I trust my contact at AOP, always responsive and the cooperation is fruitful since he’s in charge of my account.

Remi Leport

We have been with Andy and his team for about 3

We have been with Andy and his team for about 3 years now and have been very happy with his support and guidance.

– John Ewing

Transparent & trusted

Andy is very transparent, non-evasive, and puts the interest of the client first. Polar opposite to many of the ‘sales’ approach you typically find in this part of the world, which is a very much welcomed. Very knowledgeable in his field and trusted Financial Advisor.

– Charlie

#1 for service and professional with a personal touch

I Highly recommend AOP for all your financial needs. they are professional and unlike previous financial companies I have used to invest my monies AOP keep me up to date with how my funds are doing on a quarterly basis with face to face meetings with their advisors ensuring that my money is working for me.

– Miss Cresswell

I have had a long and lucrative relationship with AOP 

I have had a long and lucrative relationship with AOP. Great service and excellent advice.

– Benjamin Nevison

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