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Reduce your portfolio risk with diversification

You no doubt have heard about the benefits of diversification, It’s not just “all talk”. Your portfolio must have some degree of diversification. After all, you don’t want to “put all your eggs in one basket”. Investing all your money in one or a limited number of assets increases the risk of your portfolio. If […]

The history of volatility

During the first half of the year, we have seen varied levels of volatility around the world. This was triggered by several events such as political decisions (mainly in the US), fluctuating oil production, trade dispute, conflicts, uncertainty and the end of Quantative Easing. As an investor, you should know that investing is a marathon, […]

Where to go for Russia 2018… Live!

Where have those 4 years gone! We are of course talking about Football Fever, when 32 of the World’s Nations gather to compete for the World Cup at Russia 2018. Alpha are proud to announce that we have joined up with Emirates Golf Club, who have put together their Football Central venue showing every game […]

AOP Held Spring Client Cheese & Wine Night

The Sun had set, the temperature dropped, and the late evening was upon us. There was excitement in the air and with a backdrop of the Dubai Marina skyline the stage was set at Emirates Golf Club, but this was for something more than just a round of Golf. On Thursday 19th April, we held […]