Do You Have a Legal Will?

Do You Have a Legal Will?Your will is the best decision you can make to protect your loved ones. To ensure you look after your family especially after you have gone. The reality is that so many people neglect their affairs after their passing, only to add to the distress of those they leave behind.

It’s Never Too Early to Have a Will

While most would agree that writing their will is crucially important, it is so often left too late. Let’s face it – it is not something we like to think about. But there are so many reasons to think about it now:

  • Easing the lengthy process of dealing with your affairs for your loved ones, business interests and employees if applicable.
  • Naming your beneficiaries and avoiding uncertainty and disputes.
  • Providing clear directions on how you would like to deal with your affairs.
  • Protecting your children by appointing guardians until they reach age 18.


And If You Don’t Have a Will?

  • Your closest loved ones may not only have to suffer the distress of your passing, but also the financial distress of wading through your financial affairs. There may be no clear path on what different family members receive, resulting in unnecessary conflict.
  • Those you leave behind will need to employ professionals to sort out your affairs. This could be a lengthy, distressing and expensive process.
  • If you have young children and have not stipulated who will look after them once you are gone, the court will need to appoint someone that may not have been your choice.

Drafting The Right Will For You

There are many options available. From standard, corporate or mirror/- joint, through to flexible, discretionary or property trusts, our specialist legal partners will help you decide which type of legal will you need within your own personal circumstances.

What are some of the things you need to consider? Are you liable for inheritance tax? What liabilities do you have? What savings plan, pensions or life insurances do you have in place? Do you have a business to consider? Which of your assets is within the UAE, or in your domicile country?

As an expat, there are other formalities you need to consider to make your will legal in the UAE, such as translation and attestation/notarisation. Our specialist legal partners will guide you through the process to make sure your will is as watertight as possible.

While within our scope of services we do not offer will writing services directly, we do provide access to the most credentialed, qualified and recognised UK lawyers. We would be happy to arrange the best will advice under your personal circumstances.

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